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True Nature Dog Treats

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats – 1LB (Bulk)

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats – 1LB (Bulk)

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Baked to order with natural ingredients, no preservatives and 100% love.

The pumpkin is nutrient rich, benefits the eyes, boosts immune health, moisturizes skin & coat and encourages digestive regularity. The peanut butter offers vitamin B-6, vitamin E, Niacin, healthy fats and is protein rich. Eggs are a great source of digestible protein and contain essential amino and fatty acids. The rice flour is a good alternative for dogs who are sensitive to wheat products.

white rice flour, organic pumpkin, peanut butter, water, organic eggs

Guaranteed Analysis:
crude protein 8.9% min, crude fat 5.41% min, crude fiber .98% max, moisture 21.92% max

Care Instructions

The best type of container for room temperature storage is a traditional cookie jar or other type of glass or ceramic jar, with a loose fitting lid. Or of course, any type of container that is specifically made for dog treats/biscuits. You can also place biscuits in an open, cardboard box or an unsealed plastic bag, open to the air. Biscuits stored properly, should keep 3 weeks or more. They may also be refrigerated and frozen. Since your personalized dog biscuits contain no preservatives, be sure to check for mold before serving.

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