Natural Ingredients and No Preservatives

Why Choose True Nature Dog Treats

Natural Dog Treats

Natural Ingredients

At True Nature Dog Treats, we use organic and natural ingredients to produce our delicious dog treats.
No Preservatives Dog Treats

No Preservatives

Our dog treats contain no preservatives so you can feel comfortable giving them to your dog. The only preservatives we use is the refrigerator.


Our dog treats are made with non-GMO ingredients.
Lab Tested True Nature Dog Treats

Lab Tested

Required by the state of Ohio, True Nature Dog Treats have been lab tested allowing us to provide you with a Gauranteed Analysis which includes moisture, fiber, protein and fat content in our treats.

What Our Customers think of True Nature Dog Treats

I go absolutely crazy over these treats. When I hear my owner opening the bag, I gets extremely excited and immediately come running to get my treat. In fact, I no longer like the treat my owner was buying at the store, I much prefer True Nature Dog Treats.

Dog Treat Testimonial

Since I’m the official taste tester for True Nature Dog Treats, I get to eat plenty of these yummy dog treats. I get one whenever I go outside to use the restroom. I must admit, I sometimes fake having to go outside just so I can get another treat.

Chesney - Dog Treat Testimonial

Love, love, love these dog treats. I’m actually Chesney’s neighbor and I get treated to these scrumptious treats on a regular basis. They are so much better than those milk bones things my owner buys at the grocery.

Sadie - Dog Treat Testimonial

Just can’t say enough about these dog treats. They are the perfect size and very crunchy. I especially like when they make the jumbo bones. They are typically special order, but I have got my paws on them from time to time.

Lilly - Dog Treat Testimonial